Q: How long does the video need to be?

A: Preferably 1 to 2 minutes.


Q: Where can I take the video?

A: Anywhere you want! We can analyze submissions from the batting cage, basement, back yard or from game footage provided they are clear and close enough to the athlete.


Q: How close do I need to be to my athlete for the video?

A: For best clarity, 6-10 ft. away is preferred.


Q: What device can I use to take a video?

A: A cell phone is most likely the easiest; however, any type of video camera will work.


Q: How does GBA provide feedback and instruction once I’ve submitted the video?

A: GBA Instructors will send two videos in return: first will be commentary on video customer submits and second will be a customized video explaining the instruction to the athlete along with showing the athlete drills to correct what was seen on video submission.


Q: How long does it take GBA instructors to perform analysis and return to me?

A: GBA instructors take pride in the analysis. We aim to return a complete analysis within 3 business days.


Q: How often can I submit videos?

A: As often as you would like. No volume is too much for GBA PRO.


Q: Are there pricing packages for video submissions and does it provide a price break?

A: Absolutely! Please see GBA PRO Rates page for all online training rates.