What is GBA PRO?


“GBA PRO” is Georgia Baseball Academy’s Professional Remote Outreach. We designed GBA PRO to provide an online coaching platform where our professional instructors can isolate and analyze key aspects of your athlete’s game from anywhere on the planet.


How does it work?


1. Record a video of your athlete (1-2 minutes) at home, practice or in a game situation. Please see GBA PRO Video Instructions for details.

2. Download and fill out the Player Profile and Authorization Form.

3. Submit the video and form to [email protected]


What to expect?


Returned video with personalized mark-ups and analysis. (Click on Links below for examples)


GBA PRO Hitting Commentary and Analysis Example

GBA PRO Pitching Commentary and Analysis Example


Personalized video made by a GBA Professional Instructor with commentary describing the analysis, drills to improve aspect of the game, and homework to improve.  (Click on Links below for examples)


GBA PRO Hitting Video Example

GBA PRO Pitching Video Example


How much does it cost?


Please see GBA PRO Rates




Player Profile and Authorization Form

GBA PRO Video Instructions (Click on Link to See Video)