What does “Professional Instruction By Professional Instructors” really mean?

Georgia Baseball Academy is changing the face of traditional baseball instruction. Every single one of GBA’s instructors has played college baseball, on scholarship, and has been drafted, sometimes multiple times, in a Major League Baseball Draft. We at GBA feel that each player has dreams and aspirations to play college baseball. Past that every kid desires to play professional baseball. What better way to teach our youth that not only are these dreams and aspirations obtainable, but we have the instructors to guide you there. We welcome all parents to ask questions of our instructors in order to develop the best game plan possible for their child. GBA will hold “Monthly Mother Meetings” in order to help Mothers in coping with their sons while they journey through the failure filled sport we call baseball. GBA will also hold “Monthly Father Meetings” in which dads will be taught particular rules of the game and how to prep their sons for the failure aspect of baseball. We look forward to serving America’s youth in the sport that we all love the most…baseball.